Why the offensive line influx?

Strangely, five of Kentucky’s six confirmed commitments for the 2015 class are offensive lineman, most recently the nation’s second-rated center Luke Hiers.

Does offensive line coach John Schlarman have the Midas touch?

Can he put his feet up on his desk the rest of the way? Not anytime soon.

“Have to recruit them all the way until signing day,” the UK offensive line coach said. “So whether you’re trying to get them in the boat or they’re in the boat and you’ve got to keep them in there, you have to continue to recruit them.”

Even Schlarman has been a little bit taken aback by how quickly the offensive lineman have committed to Kentucky this season. You’ll remember last season, he and Neal Brown had to trudge a mile in a snow storm to get the last piece of the Cats’ recruiting class in center Bunchy Stallings.

Schlarman isn’t sure why this class, which includes Hiers, Levon Livingston, Logan Stenberg, Larry Wells and Mason Wolfe, has come together so quickly at his spot.

“Sometimes it just happens like that and you can’t really describe it,” he said. “Some positions you fill up in a hurry others you take all the way up to the witching hour.

“The most important thing is doing a great job of evaluating the talent out there and then trusting your evaluations and picking the right guys who fit what you do.”

Many of the 2015 commitments, who Schlarman can’t publicly discuss, were on campus together at the same time, which helps.

“With linemen, it’s a tight group,” Schlarman said. “So when a guy feels comfortable around other guys, he has a sense of belonging and that type of thing and that might’ve had a factor in it, too.”

He also said he’s hopeful that like the early commitments of the 2014 class, this group will do what it can to actively bring in other position players.

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