Neal Brown takes little jab at Louisville

Lost in the nearly 12 minutes of talking to Neal Brown — none of which was about the quarterbacks, per his request — was a little shot at the rival down the road.

When asked about the import of the Blue-White Spring Game to recruiting, Brown said “it’s huge,” adding that UK’s recruiting really soared after the 51,000 showed for last season’s game at Commonwealth Stadium.

It’s one of the first things he mentions to recruits still, a year later.

“There’s no NBA team; there’s no major league baseball team … there’s no NFL team,” Brown said.

“So UK athletics is it. The other team doesn’t want to hear that, but it’s it. I mean, we’re the show in town, in the state.”

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Jen Smith has been a sports writer at the Herald-Leader since 2000, covering everything from high school sports to auto racing to various University of Kentucky sports. A native of Louisville and a graduate of the University of Kentucky (much to the dismay of her Louisville graduate mother and Indiana graduate father), Jen now resides in downtown Lexington with her husband and two young sons. You can follow her on Twitter @jenheraldleader or send her an email at
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7 Responses to Neal Brown takes little jab at Louisville

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  2. Jennifer Smith says:

    I thought the note provided context. He was asked about the importance of the spring game to recruiting and how the 51,000 from last season showed how important it is to the state in general.

  3. rich says:

    They still went 2 and 10 and doesn’t uk have professional basketball

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  5. shawn says:

    What is this guy smoking!! They haven’t beat little brother since Krapthorpe got booted, all while little brother has won 3 straight bowl games. Not to mention they managed to beat Florida in the Sugar Bowl, a team kentucky hasn’t beaten since electricity was discovered. Yal why don’t you try to get a program before you say your the only show in town. Wow typical Big Blue Bull Crap!!!!!

  6. Tom says:

    For a guy who got his reputation from coaching Mike Leach’s recruits, went winless in the SEC, seems he might want to beat someone other than Kent State and Alabama State. Hello, Western Kentucky! But, we’ve hear Kentuocky coaches mouth off before and eat crow as a result. Welcome to THAT group Neal.

  7. Tom says:

    Here is a guy who got his reputation with Mike Leach’s recruits and Leach’s offense. He has two wins to his credit, both against teams that didn’t win a Division One game last year. Was he not at the Western Kentucky game? Right now the Cats rank third in the state of Kentucky.
    Talks easy. Show us something.
    Of course he probably we be able to get a job at Boyle County High if this season goes like last one.