Leftovers from a dietician story

This will go in the football notebook this week, but I thought these leftovers might still be good eats while you wait for basketball:

Much like Monica Fowler has helped Kentucky football players cut calories from their diets, I had to cut some of my favorite morsels from the story on UK’s dietician that ran this past week for space purposes, but here are a few of them:

Bon appétit!

  • While Fowler has been able to get the players to eat and mostly enjoy lentil soup, she still can’t convince them to eat split pea soup. “Nobody touched it because it’s green.”
  • Speaking of soup, defensive tackle Christian Coleman’s mom sent in her recipe for taco soup, which the junior loves to eat at home. The rest of the team loves it, too, and the soup, which includes tomatoes and corn, is a staple at UK’s Training Table. “It was a great recipe, good healthy soup, tastes really good,” Fowler said.
  • Fowler has learned that sometimes it’s all about packaging. After seeing fruit and yogurt get lukewarm reception from players, she now puts the yogurt and fruit together with some granola and calls it a “parfait.” She makes about 50 of these a day now and they fly off the team refrigerator shelves.
  • She heard a story recently that a player went home and looked at the plate his mother made him before dinner and sighed: “Mom, you’ve got way too many carbs on that plate.” This made Fowler, who also is a mother, cringe and smile at the same time.
  • Running the food program and kitchen area for more than 100 college-aged boys is rewarding, but sometimes a little gross, too. Fowler: “I’ve had a few days where I’ll be like, ‘Whose shoes are these? They don’t go here.’”

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