Cats’ weight room updates

With a new practice facility in the works, Kentucky didn’t want to spend a lot of money revamping its weight room at the current facility, but it did make several alterations to give the team “a fresh start mentally,” High Performance Coordinator Erik Korem said during a recent tour.

A once cluttered weight room has been reconfigured — to make the room more functional to get more players trained simultaneously — and refloored.

“We don’t have a huge room — it’s really not all that big — so how do we make the most of it?” Korem said they pondered before the additions (and subtractions). “That’s pretty much the concept. We love it. We’re so excited about it.”

It starts with new PLAE sports flooring all around, eliminating the previous need for players to throw down mats before starting their weight training.

“What we like about the floor is it’s aggressive, when you lift it gives back, like if you put your knee on it, it doesn’t hurt and that’s rare,” Korem said.

New industrial strength platforms, including five extra ones, have been added to the room so that 20 more players can be trained at a time.

They’re similar to giant erector sets in that all sorts of attachments (ring work, pull-up bars, etc.) can be bolted on, Korem said.

“Whatever your mind can come up with, this is built for the future,” he said of the Sorinex machines. “They designed this so if you come up with something, you could attach it.”

On the top of each platform, which can be used by multiple players at the same time, is a single word or phrase in block letters, the new core values Coach Mark Stoops has been pushing this off-season: All in, Accountability, Character, Dependability and Attitude.

A new indoor sprinting track also was added to the little-used mezzanine level of the Nutter Training Center as well.

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