Stoops: Just got a lot on my plate

Becoming a head coach has taught Mark Stoops one incredibly valuable lesson: always have a sport coat hanging nearby.

The Kentucky coach was asked on Tuesday about the Commonwealth Stadium renovation news conference the day before and the coach confided that he wasn’t exactly prepared for the hubbub, which included face time with the university president and the governor among others.

“I’m in the midst of preparing for Tennessee and I had the 12 o’clock press conference and we have team meetings and then they don’t tell me I’ve got to throw a suit on,” he said with a smile. “Thank God I found a sport coat in my closet up there. Just got a lot on my plate.”

But seeing the plans and having them available to share with the players he hopes will be future Wildcats made the rushing around worth it to Stoops.

“We’ve got great support right now,” he said. “It’s a great commitment by a lot of people, and that’s exciting. I thought it was a very nice event.”

Did the stadium event get Stoops more revved up?

“I didn’t need it, but yeah it definitely helps,” he said laughing. “It does. It gives you some motivation. It’s an exciting time. Just like I said, we’ve been through some tough times, but we’re gonna keep on pushing forward and excited about the future.”

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