Stoops transcript after scrimmage No. 2

OPENING STATEMENT: “I think for the first time since I’ve been here I had one side really take over and make some plays and dominate a practice or a scrimmage. Really did a nice job offensively today, really disappointed defensively.”

HOW MUCH BETTER WAS OFFENSE THAN DEFENSE? “Much better, much better. It wasn’t even close today. Part of that is I thought that the offense did a nice job — and it happens like this sometimes in spring — offensively yesterday didn’t have a great in blitz period, certain periods, defense really had some good periods. So the offense just had a mentality today. That’s what I was most proud of today: they bounced back, they had a mentality, they had a toughness and went out there and executed and really played well.”

WHAT DIDN’T HE SEE FROM DEFENSE? “Just those same things. I didn’t see great execution. I didn’t see great toughness. I saw poor leverage. I saw a lot of bad football on the defensive side of the ball. I saw bad body language and a lot of things I was disappointed in.”

DID OFFENSE CLEAN UP PENALTIES, TURNOVERS: They did. I don’t think we had a turnover. We may have had one that was a questionable call to start the scrimmage, but I gave it to the offense to get them going a little bit. They got going.”

DID RECEIVERS CATCH THE BALL: They did. They caught the ball better, made some big plays. Just the whole efficiency of the offense was much better today.”

QUARTERBACKS? Yeah. All three quarterbacks did a nice job.”

INDIVIDUAL STANDOUTS? “It will be hard for me to tell until I watch the tape. The offense in general, just again. Played very well, really brought it to the defense today.”

LONG PLAYS OR SUSTAINED DRIVES? “A little bit of everything. They had some very long drives. I think, if I’m not mistaken — well, I’m not sure because sometimes we reloaded, we made sure to (inaudible). But, yes, there were some long drive and there were some quick strikes as well.”

IS HE STARTING TO SEE LEADERS EMERGE? I saw a toughness from the offense today. I saw them really accept the challenge and step out here and compete, so I was pleased with that.”

WAS HE SURPRISED BY HOW POORLY DEFENSE PLAYED? “Yeah. It surprised me that we didn’t have more guys step or more toughness about us. There’s no magical…They’re going to make the calls good on offense and on defense. Players got to play. It was disappointing today.”

WAS TEMPO OF OFFENSE THE PROBLEM FOR DEFENSE? Yeah. There was times where the defense had some issues with the tempo, yeah.”

DOES HE AGREE WITH NEAL BROWN’S COMMENTS THAT FANS ARE GOING TO NEED TO BE PATIENT? Well, yeah. I’ve said that before it’s not my job to lower expectations. We expect to come out to compete to win each and every week, and we know it’s a process. We’ve got a long way to go, but we made a step forward today offensively.”

IS HE READY TO SHOW THIS TEAM TO THE PUBLIC? “Yeah. We’re ready. Yeah. We’re ready. We’ll put the best product we can out there next Saturday. We’ll prepare hard this week. We’ve got a lot to get better at. We’ve got to make each practice count and each rep count to get better today, this week. And we’ll do that.”

WHAT PARTS OF DEFENSE STRUGGLED SPECIFICALLY? “All of it. I still feel like there were some guys up front that did some nice things, but overall it was a struggle.”

ANY INJURIES? “Seems clean.”

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