More detailed plans for football facilities unveiled

Under the Commonwealth Stadium renovations portion of the plan outlined on the K-Fund fund-raising website Monday, the idea is to give “UK Athletics, and the University as a whole, game day and day-to-day entertainment space. Within this perceived model, the vision is to include various elements … based on funding available.” The total cost is estimated at $125 million.

  • Spectator driven improvements (concessions, restrooms, video boards, security)
  • Multi-purpose recruiting room in East end zone (near Nutter Field House)
  • Add 10-15 suites, one for Presidential use to seat 100-150 fans
  • Add 2,000-2,500 club seats
  • New press facilities
  • New team store
  • New full-service kitchen
  • Improve the UK brand at Commonwealth Stadium
  • Maintain or slightly reduce seating capacity while increasing the value of remaining seats

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Jen Smith has been a sports writer at the Herald-Leader since 2000, covering everything from high school sports to auto racing to various University of Kentucky sports. A native of Louisville and a graduate of the University of Kentucky (much to the dismay of her Louisville graduate mother and Indiana graduate father), Jen now resides in downtown Lexington with her husband and two young sons. You can follow her on Twitter @jenheraldleader or send her an email at
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2 Responses to More detailed plans for football facilities unveiled

  1. Jerry Shepardini says:

    Jennifer, do you know, or has it been said, by how much they might reduce the stadium capacity? UK is already the 4th smallest stadium in the SEC above Mississippi, Mississippi State, and Vanderbilt.

  2. Jennifer Smith says:

    I doubt it would be by much. It sounds like UK is trying to create a better atmosphere/fan experience with things like club seating, suites. I’d be surprised if it drops much at all, more like a reorganization.