Oklahoma Coach Bob Stoops talks about UK hire

New Kentucky Coach Mark Stoops comes from a family of coaches, most notably Oklahoma Coach Bob Stoops, who had the following things to say tonight about his kid brother getting his first head coaching job:

“I’m excited for Mark, happy for him and proud of him. He’s earned it. He’s done really well everywhere he’s been. I know he’s really prepared for the job. I believe that Kentucky, as he does, has a lot of potential, a lot of resources to build, so I know he’s excited about the opportunity.”

On how the Florida State experience has prepared him for this opportunity

“I think his experience all through, even building Arizona back up, being a part of that along with Florida State and the level of competition at both schools, the way they’ve played, the competition; he has great experience.”

 On any advice he’ll share

“Trust your instincts. When you get one of those positions, everybody wants to tell you what to do. That’s how it was for me. I didn’t let anyone hurry me. I took it at my own pace, trusted my guy and my instincts on what I wanted to do, and fortunately it worked out.”

 On recruiting in SEC territory

“He’s been recruiting in that area for a long time and he’s had success doing it. I’m sure that will help to a degree.”

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