Petrino the odds on fav to be next coach? One site says so

A betting site called sent an email to a colleague of mine about its odds on who will the next head coach at Kentucky. Naturally, I would never endorse any sort of gambling site, just thought it was an amusing aside to get you to the end of the work day.

Who will be the head coach of the Kentucky for the 2013-14 season?     

  • Bobby Petrino                           2/1
  • David Cutcliffe                          3/1
  • Sonny Dykes                            4/1
  • Tommy Tuberville                    9/2
  • Mike MacIntyre                         5/1
  • Willie Taggart                           5/1
  • Guz Malzahn                            8/1
  • Dirk Koetter                            12/1

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Jen Smith has been a sports writer at the Herald-Leader since 2000, covering everything from high school sports to auto racing to various University of Kentucky sports. A native of Louisville and a graduate of the University of Kentucky (much to the dismay of her Louisville graduate mother and Indiana graduate father), Jen now resides in downtown Lexington with her husband and two young sons. You can follow her on Twitter @jenheraldleader or send her an email at
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9 Responses to Petrino the odds on fav to be next coach? One site says so

  1. mark says:

    don’t discount Houston Nutt.

  2. Tom says:

    Why not? We sold out when it comes to be ‘Mr. Clean’ when we hired the current basketball coach, who was hired as his program was under NCAA investigation didn’t we? And eventually they forfeited a season, a final four appearance, and he’d didn’t know a thing about it.
    Now is not the time to play ‘innocent’ when it comes to hiring coaches.

  3. Gary Felhoelter says:

    Coach P could bring more wins to UK. But you and I know he will always be looking for the next best thing. So we all get excited about the football program improving, and there he goes. I say start out with someone who will be here down the road. I promise you that Coach P would stay no longer than 1-2 years. He will always be looking. He has so many issues and feels he is so great, why would he stay at KY.

  4. Jennifer Smith says:

    I’d say Petrino is less of a flight risk now than he’s ever been, considering his circumstances.

  5. Chris Klosowski says:

    Mark Stoops DC FSU, Kirby Smart DC ‘Bama, Skip Holtz HC USF, any thoughts?

  6. Ed says:

    Petrino should not even be in this conversation. The man has no character. What parent would send their son to UK with a guy like that as the head man? Let some other program be the site of his next indiscretion.

    I still say Lance Leipold from Whitewater should get some serious consideration. He may be able to do for UK what Chris Petersen did for BSU.

  7. skchai says:

    I think there’s a fairly straightforward reason why UK shouln’t even consider Petrino. Arkansas, like UK, is a state university. He has admitted to using public funds to hire his mistress into a university position for which her qualifications were at best, questionable. He did not disclose the conflict of interest (and in fact lied to police to cover up the relationship). In most states that is a criminal offense. I don’t know how Arkansas law applies, but I was a bit surprised (well, maybe not really) that he simply was allowed to leave, and was not prosecuted. Whatever “special rules” some might feel apply to football coaches, it would and should be unthinkable for another state university to hire someone with such a record into a high position of any kind.

  8. MC says:

    I said this on a different blog and will say it again. All the hypocrytes need to get off their moral high horse and be reminded of their own personal decisions resulting in failures and regret.
    Let the man coach and hopefully at Kentucky where we so desperately need a paradigm shift in our football program. UK football program has been an embarrassment for more than a half century now and there’s simply no excuse! Don’t let this opportunity to hire a big name coach with a winning track record slip away. UK will “NOT” find a better coach with the ability to catapult the program into national contender status.

  9. sheesh says:

    Moral high horse? We aren’t talking about some marital indiscretion that happened 20 years ago. We aren’t even talking about hiring a mistress and misleading law enforcement a year ago. We are talking about events that unfolded THIS SPRING! It isn’t even winter yet. The man hasn’t had time to SPELL the word penance. No one is on a moral high horse in expecting someone to deal with the repercussions of horrendous personal choices. You don’t have to judge someone to allow consequences to play out in his life. I mean if the man’s wife asks him for a separation or demands he sleep on the couch for awhile is she being a hypocrite? It may be time for some of us to consider whether or not we are willing to throw out all of our personal convictions for the sake of winning some games. In the meantime we can say a prayer for Mr. Petrino, his family, mistress and anyone else affected by this mess and we can certainly wish them all the best. What we can’t do is hire the man.