On beards and assassination attempts …

Taylor Wyndham’s beard could have its own Pantene commercial.

The shiny, luxurious locks on his face certainly got super model attention when the senior defender met with the media on Monday.

Wyndham fielded 10-plus questions about his facial hair, which he’s been growing since the start of fall camp on Aug. 2, to lead off the news conference.

When he was asked what his UK teammates think about the beard, he smiled broadly (which was hard to see under all that hair).

“They love it,” he said. “A lot of them are like, ‘Man, this beard’s awesome.’ They’re all about it. I wish girls would feel the same way; girls hate this thing.”

It’s easy to understand why girls might have issues with something that he says constantly has “all kinds of stuff” in it.

“It’s pretty bad because I can’t eat anything with sauces,” he said of the beard, which he plans to shave off on Dec. 1.

College “girls” don’t seem to be the only ones with issues with Wyndham’s facial tresses.

“Oh, she hates it,” Wyndham was asked about his mother’s opinion. “When I saw here on the Cat Walk the other day, her eyes got huge and she was like, ‘Ugh.’ I started laughing.”

Coach Joker Phillips jokingly refers to Wyndham as “Wilson” because he thinks the senior looks like Tom Hanks in the movie Castaway.

The growing beard hasn’t slowed him down on the field. He’s got 24 tackles for the season and is second on the team in tackles for loss with six. Wyndham also has two sacks, two quarterback hurries, a pass breakup and a recovered fumble.

  • Lights out? Even with all of the facial hair fun at Monday’s news conference, one moment trumped all of them. A UK employee accidentally hit the switch on the lights near the end of Phillips’ interviews. They came back on quickly, but sparked this quip from Phillips: “I thought I was gone. An assassination.”

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