Joker press conference

-Joker on losing Lamar Dawson and Jon Davis: “Look at these guys here. We’re not worried about guys we didn’t get. Only guys we’re worried about are guys who want to be here.”

-Joker’s message to fans who may be discouraged: “Don’t be. Trust us. We’ve put together classes you guys have been excited about. You ought to be more excited about this class than any we’ve brought in.”

Joker on whether the extensive Internet/media coverage of recruiting has made it tougher: “It’s going to be tough whether that was going on or not. It’s made it entertaining for us. It’s made it tougher to swallow sometimes.”

-Phillips received signings late this afternoon from WR’s Bubba Tandy and Daryl Collins. Collins had previously committed to Alabama.

-Phillips said staff filled needs at wide receiver and running back.

“The thing we want is guys who are willing to compete,” referring to running back signees Josh Clemons and Marcus Caffey.

-When asked about four-safety Glenn Faulkner, Phillips said, “This is the most explosive group we’ve signed here (at Kentucky).”

-On overall 2010 class: “The majority of our guys got BCS offers.”

-Joker on late signee Daryl Collins, who originally committed to Alabama:

“Explosive athlete, played some WR and QB, could see him in the Wildcat package.”

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