Brooks, UK players ready to erase bad taste from Florida debacle

Kentucky coach Rich Brooks and the UK players all say they’re ready to take on No. 3 Alabama and put up a better showing than they did in Saturday’s 41-7 loss to top-ranked Florida.

It will be the highest-ranked back-to-back opponents for Kentucky in school history and a chance for the Wildcats to regain some credibility after the Florida blowout.

We don’t to lose our fan support; we want to keep our fans in it,” said junior defensive tackle Ricky Lumpkin. “Our fans, we love them, they love us. But there’s time where people might think ‘Uh-oh, here comes the old Kentucky’ after a game like that, and we don’t want anybody to think that. We keep talking about competing, but we’ve got to show it and stop losing to the same teams over and over again. We have to change that starting this week against Alabama.”

Brooks called the Florida game one of the most disappointing in his lengthy coaching career.

“Not the loss, but the first 15 minutes,” Brooks said. “We’re a much better football team that that. I thought we were past that kind of crap, but we’re still not past it. I’ve got better players than to have that happen.”

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