Cats appear headed for Liberty Bowl

The Liberty Bowl has emerged as the likely destination for the Kentucky football team this upcoming bowl season.

Bowl bids don’t officially go out until Sunday, but the Wildcats are down to two options: the Liberty and Music City Bowls. If two bowls make bids on the same team, the team gets to pick which bowl it will attend. Kentucky Coach Rich Brooks said on his radio show Monday night that he and the players would rather go to the Liberty Bowl than make a third consecutive trip to the Music City.

Brooks cited the desire to experience something different as the main reason to opt for Memphis over Nashville.

The Liberty Bowl will take place on Friday, January 2 at 5 p.m. EST and will be televised by ESPN. The Wildcats (6-6) would take on the winner of Saturday’s Conference USA Championship Game between Tulsa (10-2) and East Carolina (8-4).

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