Brooks takes blame

Kentucky Coach Rich Brooks took full responsibility for his team’s 63-5 loss at Florida on Saturday one day after watching the carnage on film. When asked if it the film was as bad as it looked live, Brooks said, “It might have been worse.”

Defensive end Jeremy Jarmon defended the coaches after the game, saying the players were properly prepared but just didn’t execute. But Brooks wasn’t hearing any of that.

“That’s my job to get them to (execute),” Brooks said. “It was almost a total systems failure. When you have breakdowns in blocking assignments, execution, getting lined up right, and communication, those are the things that I’m responsible for.

“I’m dissatisfied across the board and that’s why I put it on my shoulders. For us to play as poorly as we did across the board is unacceptable. I know Florida is a good team and had a week off, and they did do a few different things and took advantage of that. Having said that, I’ve got to have my team better prepared than I did.”

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