A Closer Look at the Receiving Struggles

Much has been made about the ineffectiveness of the UK receivers. Relying on a bunch of true freshmen is always risky, and losing a proven veteran like Dicky Lyons never helps. But Kentucky’s problems this season could be attributed to bad luck in recruiting as much as anything else.

Back in 2005, the Wildcats had Glenn Holt, Tommy Cook, Scott Mitchell, Keenan Burton and Lyons in the fold. Holt, Cook, and Mitchell were seniors. Kentucky signed just one receiver in 2005 (DeMoreo Ford) and made the receiver position a priority with its 2006 class.

That’s when things went bad. UK signed five receivers that year, and none of them are still with the program. They got good mileage out of Steve Johnson, but Michael Strickland, who was projected to be a solid contributor, was dismissed from the team before the start of 2007 fall camp. Marckus Boswell never qualified. Darrell Stevens transferred, and Terrence Jones’ career was wrecked by a knee injury.

That’s four players who would have been in their third year in the program and would have given UK some experienced options at a position that is now painfully thin and inexperienced.

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