My Top 25

Welcome back for another version of my unofficial weekly Top 25, with last week’s rankings in parenthesis.

1-USC (1)-These Trojans are as good defensively as the Bush/Leinart teams were offensively.

2-Oklahoma (2)-Sooners and Trojans would be a toss-up right now.

3-Georgia (3)-Not playing to the level of USC or Oklahoma, but winning ugly in Columbia is nothing to be ashamed of.

4-Missouri (7)-Would love to see Chase Daniel, Jeremy Maclin and the Tigers’ explosive offense face off against Tim Tebow, Percy Harvin and the Gators..

5-Florida (5)-Should be rested and ready for next week’s trip to Knoxville.

6-Wisconsin (14)-Had the guts to travel to Fresno and the toughness to pull out a win.

7-Oregon (15)-The double OT triumph at Purdue is the type of win teams get during special seasons.

8-Texas (9)-The Top 25 team I know the least about.

9-East Carolina (10)-The magic continues for Skip Holtz. Considering how tough Tulane played Alabama, a victory in New Orleans has to be considered high-quality.

10-Alabama (14)-Took care of business against Western Kentucky, now comes back-to-back road trips to Arkansas and Georgia.

11-BYU (24)-Max Hall should now be on everybody’s Heisman radar.

12-Auburn (8)-Tony Franklin better get that offense fixed before LSU gets to town on Saturday.

13-Penn State (13)-Still haven’t played anyone with a pulse but averaging over 55 points a game.

14-South Florida (16)-Beat a darned good Kansas team in helping the Big East save some face.

15-Texas Tech (17)-Red Raiders just biding time. Should be 7-0 when they travel to Kansas on Oct. 15.

16-Utah (18)-BCS hopes will get a real test at Air Force on Saturday.

17-Virginia Tech (NR)-Held off a solid Georgia Tech team, and that close loss at ECU doesn’t look nearly as bad now.

18-Wake Forest (19)-Can cement itself as the ACC favorite with a win at Florida State on Saturday.

19-Kansas (12)-Can’t dog the Jayhawks too much for a narrow road loss to a good South Florida team.

20-Ohio State (5)-Now we don’t have to worry about the Buckeyes getting blown out in a third straight BCS title game.

21-West Virginia (18)-Not as down on the Mountaineers after the ECU loss as a lot of other folks.

22-Vanderbilt (25)-The Commodores dominated Rice in a game that past Vandy teams would have blown.

23-Oklahoma State (NR)-Mike Gundy doesn’t have any reason to go off on any reporters with the way the Cowboy offense is rolling.

24-Florida State (NR)-Seminoles might have finally found a quarterback in sophomore Christian Ponder.

25-Air Force (NR)-AFA picked up a nice road win at Houston and can skyrocket up the charts next week if they knock off Utah.

DROPPED OUT-Arizona State, Fresno State, California, Illinois


26-TCU-The Horned Frogs could be a sleeper BCS buster.

27-Tennessee-That UCLA-BYU score didn’t do Phil Fulmer any favors.

28-Boise State-Will have a chance to get into the BCS mix by knocking off Oregon next week.

29-Fresno State-Came up just short against the Badgers.

30-Clemson-Tigers didn’t pound a bad N.C. State team the way they needed to.


Kentucky-MTSU showed that the Cats don’t have any business thinking Top 25 for awhile.

Louisville-Kansas State is a crossroads game for the Cards.

Indiana-Could end up with a better record than Kentucky and Louisville

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