Brooks: Two QB system to continue

Kentucky Coach Rich Brooks said during his Sunday teleconference that he’ll stick with a two-quarterback system with sophomore Mike Hartline and true freshman Randall Cobb.

“I’ve had to do to do (a two-quarterback system) in the past, and at this point in time it looks like we’ll be doing it for at least the short term,” Brooks said.

Cobb made the more dazzling plays and finished with 136 yards of total offense and three touchdowns, two running and one passing.

But Brooks also noted that Cobb made plenty of mistakes. He lost a fumble, threw an interception and had another potential interception dropped. Brooks said Cobb is like a lot of young and talented players in that he tends to freelance.

“Randall made plays athletically and threw a few nice passes, and he made a bunch of mistakes,” Brooks said. “He could have turned ball over a couple other times. He’s just got to learn the offense better. Athletically and talent-wise, it’s clear he can help us, and he did help us in this game. All of it wasn’t in the framework of off. Some of that isn’t bad, but some of it can be very bad.”

Brooks said that Hartline did an effective job managing the game while he was in there and noted, like he did last week following the Louisville game that the supporting cast must step up and make plays.

Brooks said Derrick Locke had a chance to break a huge run in the first half but missed the hole. Also, junior E. J. Adams dropped a pass over the middle from Hartline that was right on the money and ran a wrong route on a third-and-7 on UK’s second series.

“Mike can do a good job of managing the game, but we still have to help,” Brooks said. “There were things that weren’t helpful to Mike that wasn’t his fault.”

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